Port Scanner


Scan Network Ports

The port scanner tool will provide you with information regarding valid methods of connecting to a network. Scan your network for open ports and determine if those open ports need to be closed to provide more network security and less vulnerabilities.

What is a port?

Network ports are used for routing incoming information from a network to specific applications to a designated machine. Example, if you wanted to enable Remote Desktop on a Windows PC within your network, you'd need to make sure port 3389 was open and forwarding to the appropriate computer.

What is a port scanner?

The Port Scanner tool displays which ports on a network are open for communication. Whether or not a port is open can help with setting up IP security cameras, determining if a network is secure, as well as other network-related operations.

Scan types

To begin, enter a valid IP address or URL at the top of the page. After that, you can scan ports on the IP/URL individually or in pre-made packages. If you are a Gold Member, you can also scan ports in a numeric range or in a custom package (no more than 100 ports at once for any scan type).

  1. To scan individually, select 'individual', input a valid port number, and select 'Scan'. The tool will display the status of the chosen port below the scan button.
  2. To scan by package type, select 'package' and choose a package from the drop down menu. Ports contained in the package will then be displayed below the drop down. When you have made your selection, select 'Scan'. The tool will display the status of each port in the package below the scan button.
  3. To scan by numeric range, select 'range', input a valid port number to start, input another valid port number to stop, and select 'Scan'. The tool will then display the status of each port between and including the starting and ending ports below the scan button.
  4. To scan by custom package, select 'custom', enter each desired port to scan on its own line in the text box shown, and select 'Scan'. The tool will then display the status of each inputted port below the scan button.

If a port is displayed as open, that means it is open for remote communication. Otherwise, the port should be closed to remote communication. Just because a port displays as closed through our tool, you should always double-check your router configuration to be sure. Slow network speeds or slow machines can lead to ports incorrectly being classified as closed.

Port Scan Packages


Web - Scans ports in the Basic Package plus the ports below